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Kingfisher Court Business Centre welcomes Flagship

Flagship have now moved into their new office, Suite 4, at Kingfisher Court Business Centre, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5SJ.

They are one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, providing online marketing and branding, operating in both the UK and Australia; the services they provide can be found on their website. They drove past our Business Park and came across the advertisements for office space. After speaking to Jackie, the Business Centre Manager, and finding out further information about the Park and the spaces available, they concluded that it was an ideal location for their office. When asked why they decided to choose our space over our competitors they gave three reasons, “location, parking and office feel.”  They have now agreed and signed a 12-month lease with us.

Frazer, the Head of Marketing stated, “The whole process from the start was easy, simple and efficient.”

At present Kingfisher Court Business Centre has only a few suites left for lease ranging from 174ft – 268ft. Within the wider grounds of Kingfisher Court Business Park there are currently no larger units available on the park but if you wish to enquire we will let you know when a unit becomes available. For more information or call 01635 262270 or email

Country Estates Ltd, Kingfisher House, 17 Albury Close, Reading RG30 1BD