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Office workers can make their working day more comfortable and maintain the health of their back with these five easy tips, according health experts Reactivate Healthcare, who have just relocated to Unit 18a Somerset House on Country Estates’ Hussar Court Business Park in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

–          Desk Ergonomics

Make sure the monitor screen is level with your eyes so you only have to look down 10 degrees; too low and it will place a strain on your back and neck, too high and it can cause dry eyes. Your feet should also be flat on the floor, forearms resting on your desk and elbows by your side.

–          Deep Neck Flexor Activation

Imagine your head as a bowling ball held in one hand. If the ball is directly above the hand, there is less strain on the muscles. Move it further forward, and the muscles have to work harder to compensate. Now, translate that to your head. With a typical chin poking posture, the deep neck flexors have to work much harder to support the head. Chin retractions (making a double chin) strengthens the deep neck flexors, and keeps the spinal alignment in its ideal position.

–          Stretching

Also helpful is stretching out the upper trapezius – the muscles on the top of the shoulders. Draw one ear towards your shoulder, and gently rotate your chin towards your chest. Feel the stretch down the back of the neck into the shoulders. Repeat both sides, holding for roughly 30-40 seconds. Regularly stretching and loosening off muscles leaves you less likely to end up with tension headaches and shoulder and back ache from tight muscles.

–          Regular Movement

Nothing beats being able to get up and move around. If your office supports standing desks, or a sit-stand work station, that’s fantastic. Otherwise, getting up and performing some easy exercises – such as neck stretches, shoulder rolls or a short walk to the water cooler is beneficial.

–          Exercise Outside of Work

Although we spend the majority of our workday at desks, that doesn’t mean that exercising at other times won’t have benefits. Getting in the Government advised 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five days a week has physical and mental benefits that carry over across all aspects of life. Exercise should be accessible for all, whether that is walking, swimming, pilates or going to the gym – find a form of exercise you like and give it a go!

Hannah Neat of Reactivate Healthcare explains, “In the modern day environment, we frequently spend more and more time sitting. Most jobs, especially in an office environment can be completed without ever leaving the comfort of a chair. However, humans were designed to move – not sit statically, so this is contributing to a rise in back pain and other ailments that are frequently found in office workers.”

Reactivate Healthcare operates its rehabilitation business out of a 1250 sq ft office on Hussar Court Business Park.  The flexible office space meant it could be designed to incorporate two treatment rooms and a welcoming reception area.  The free parking and downstairs location have also been an advantage for clients.  For further information on office and business suite availability in Country Estates’ portfolio visit, email sales@countryestates or call 0118 950 8366.

Country Estates Ltd, Kingfisher House, 17 Albury Close, Reading RG30 1BD