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For more than 25 years Thomas Cleaning has been keeping homes spick and span with its team of dedicated cleaners.  Started from the kitchen table by Richard Thomas, three years ago the business moved to its first managed office in Cromwell Business Centre, Chipping Norton.

Enjoying all the benefits of having its management team in one room and a managed suite with fixed overheads with the exception of telecoms and rates if applicable, the company could concentrate on expanding the business.  Within one year Thomas Cleaning had outgrown its first business suite and was looking to expand into a larger area.

Laurence Thomas, Franchise Recruitment explains, “Although the business had been running successfully at home for more than 20 years, moving out of the house into the first business suite really started to give the company a professional image among potential employees and clients and motivated us to grow beyond our current product offering.

“The managed business suite meant that we knew our monthly costs which helped us to budget and project our outgoings, enabling us to put together a realistic strategy for growth.  This definitely paid off, because another 12 months down the line we had to move to a bigger suite.”

As the business started to grow and more employees were required, Thomas Cleaning decided it was time to move out of business suites into their own offices and with the help of Country Estates, found the ideal unit within the Cromwell Business Park.

Although initially the unit was too large, Country Estates’ commitment to providing flexible office solutions meant they sectioned off the required space, constructed a partitioning wall and installed a kitchen and toilets all within the lease price.  With more rooms the business could realise its ambition of a dedicated training room and separate meeting room for potential franchisees.

Laurence explains, “It helped enormously that we could virtually design a bespoke office environment that catered perfectly for our business thanks to Country Estates.  It was clear that when we became ready to launch our Thomas Franchising Business, we needed a workplace that had separate rooms as our cleaners are regularly kept up-to-speed on the new products and techniques we use.  The franchise side of the business also required its own meeting room so that we could meet prospective franchisees.”

With Laurence driving the franchise side of the business, it wasn’t long before Thomas Cleaning was back in discussions with Country Estates about expanding the office space and the original dividing wall was deconstructed enabling the business to occupy the original larger office.

Laurence adds,  ”Looking back, the suite was a crucial step for the company in terms of taking it to the next level of expansion and I would recommend one to anyone who is serious about growing their business.”

Country Estates has business suites available at three of its Business Parks: Cromwell Business Centre in Chipping Norton, Kingfisher Court Business Centre in Newbury and Lansdowne Business Centre in Chippenham.  For more information visit or call 0118 950 8366.

Country Estates Ltd, Kingfisher House, 17 Albury Close, Reading RG30 1BD