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Ideal Thermal Processes Ltd, a start- up business have moved into a managed business suite at Lansdowne Business Centre, Chippenham, Wiltshire, and are looking forward to growing their business.

Mark Wells is Director of the new company which specialises in creating tailored induction heating systems that meet the specific needs of his clients.  He will operate a worldwide sourcing operation from his new office in Chippenham to develop systems with a range of equipment manufactures internationally as he provides his customers across the globe with the best possible solution to their needs.

As a start-up business Mark wanted a professional workplace which was maintained and included all bills (apart from telecoms).  It was also important to Mark to have a lease with a break clause to ease the financial burden of the company in its fledgling months.

“After working for larger international companies from a home office since 1997 I wanted to get a business address and was looking for a smart office with no upkeep costs to think about,” explains Mark.  “The flexible lease is a great convenience because initially the business will just employ me, but I would like to expand in the future and will potentially require larger premises.”

“Induction heating is not new; the basic principle was discovered by Michael Faraday around 180 years ago but it’s come a long way since then! It’s really a fantastic technology for heating metals and it’s all about controlled, efficient, rapid heating. We have developed many ways of applying exactly the right amount of heat to exactly the right place, time and time again in many diverse applications from curing adhesive in car doors – I’ve been supplying equipment to JaguarLandRover since the late 90’s – to straightening ships’ decks – I’ve been all over the world introducing that equipment into most of the famous shipyards who make cruise liners, ferries and warships. More recently we’re using it to remove paint and other coatings from steel structures, the benefits are huge in time and blast media reductions.”

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Country Estates Ltd, Kingfisher House, 17 Albury Close, Reading RG30 1BD